User-friendly 10.4” HD Touch Panel
One-Step Tracing
Wireless Data Transfer from PC to Machine
Customizable Hoop Settings to Avoid Hitting Hoops
On-board Lettering
One-Step Applique
Main Features
◇ 10.4" HD touch screen panel
◇ User-friendly operation interface makes it easy to operate and increase efficiency
◇ Pre-set hoops to avoid hitting frame
◇ Customizable time display for different time zones
◇ Multiple encryptions with password protection
◇ On-board lettering
◇ Design or parameter modification allowed while machine is in embroidery mode
◇ One-step tracing makes it easier and more efficient for any user
◇ Recessed USB port to better protect USB flash drive
◇ External 100° button and trimming button
◇ Built-in button for 172°,195° or any angle rotation for easy maintenance
◇ Frame offset and outlining added for easy appliqué embroidery and frame change
◇ Needle speed up/down allows special designs running at specified speeds to achieve better embroidery quality
◇ Color change setting is more user-friendly. The color sequence on the monitor can be set to the same as the one on the thread rack
◇ Clear rescale, rotation, mirror and zoom function makes operation easy for any operator
◇ Backward or forward through specific stitches or through last/next color. Go back/forward 1, 2, 3….stitches, or float
◇ Wireless data transfer from PC to machine
◇ 50 Million stitch memory-largest in the industry
◇ Network capability
◇ Multiple languages available
◇ Suitable for flat bed embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery
◇ Embroidery area: 400 x 450 mm, or 15.7" x 17.7" (optional 500x450mm or 20" x17.7" available)
◇ Automatic thread trimmer
◇ Maximum speed 1000 SPM
◇ 270° wide cap frame unit
◇ USB port ready
◇ Auto color change
◇ Thread break detection
◇ Pre-Sew Design Trace capable
◇ Electricity: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available
◇ Start, Stop, and Emergency Stop
◇ Unique synchronized trimming system assures quiet working conditions.Meanwhile, the angle of the movable knife can be adjusted without changing the mechanic system. And also, the thread length after trimming can be adjusted through control panel. The machine will not get jammed after trimming
◇ The newly developed small arm guarantees better embroidery quality on caps and small items

Frames / Hoops Included

2 sets of front hoops of 9cm (3.50") for each head  2 sets of front hoops of 12cm (4.70") for each head
2 sets of front hoops of 15cm (5.90") for each head 2 sets of front hoops of 19cm (7.50") for each head
2 sets of back hoops for 30cm x 30cm (11.80" x 11.80") for each head   1 Sash Frame for flat embroidery

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