Embroidery machine


Create beautiful embroidery and chenille embroidery with this two-in-one single-head machine.

• Automatic thread break detection
• Automatic and manual color change 
• Store and preview up to 20 million stitches
• Forward and rewind designs at high and low speeds
• Automatic thread trimming
• Rotate, resize, edit and multiply designs 
• Easily transfer designs with USB port
• Error code messages for user safety
• Edit design density and compensation directly on screen
• Design tracing helps ensure your needle does not hit the hoop
• Preset hoops set hoop boundaries for perfect centering
• Return to the start point or end point
• Multiple languages available


Model:                                 MFC-060901
Needles:                              Chenille: 6 / Flat: 9
Maximum speed: Chenille:       700 SPM / Flat: 1000 SPM

Memory capacity:                  20 million stitches or 200 designs
EMB. area:                           450 mm x 750 mm

Net weight:                         400 kgs
Size: L: 1750 mm W:            1830mm H: 1600 mm

Main motor:                         Servo motor
X+Y motor:                         Stepping motor
Panel:                                 Intuitive 10" True Color LCD screen
Hook:                                 Japanese Koban Hook
Power:                               AC90-240V,50-60Hz self-adaptable worldwide
Optional accessories

Sequin device

Boring device

Cording device

Chenille device