Embroidery machine


Available in up to twelve heads, the CHT2 Series is ideal for businesses of all sizes. CHT2 models are perfect for scaling production on all types of finished garments including caps, flats, bags and plenty more.

  • Models:

    CHT2-1204 / CHT2-1504 / CHT2-1206 / CHT2-1506
    CHT2-1208 / CHT2-1508 / CHT2-1212 / CHT2-1512

  • Needles:


  • Heads:


  • Net weight:

    650 kgs / 760 kgs / 1000 kgs / 1500 kgs

  • Gross weight:

    700 kgs / 850 kgs / 1120 kgs / 1700 kgs

  • Size:

    L: 2700 – 5960 mm / W: 1230 mm / H: 1600 – 1650 mm

  • EMB. area:

    400 x 450 mm (16 x 18 in)


• Double beam design to reinforce machine stability and reduce vibration
• Double belt system allows for higher torque, less noise and easier maintenance
• Reinforced square guide rails allow for higher impact resistance and durability
• Leveling feet pre-mounted in the factory for easy transportation and installation
• Double lighting system for better visibility
• Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, fnished garments and more
• Perfect for established and growing embroidery businesses
• 10.4-inch HD LCD touch-screen panel
• Maximum embroidery area: 400 mm x 450 mm [16” x 18”]
• Optional wide model with embroidery area of 500 mm x 450 mm [20” x 18”]
• Newly developed small sewing arm for high-quality embroidery on caps and small items
• Heavy duty steel stand with wheels to ensure stability and mobility
• Maximum speed: 1,000 stitches per minute
• Memory capacity: 50 million stitches or 200 designs

• 270° wide angle cap system
• Environmentally friendly packaging
• USB input
• Servo motor 150 W – lowest power consumption in the industry!
• Built-in universal power supply 110V/60Hz and 200V/50Hz (selfadaptable worldwide)
• DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration
• Emergency stop button
• Automatic thread trimmer
• Thread break detection
• Easily apply appliqué, sequin, boring or cording
• Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive
• Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB and more
• New embroidery frame positioning board makes changing embroidery frames easier
• Slim machine width allows for easy entry through standard sized
• Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs
• Automatic memory retention
• Optional laser tracing device available

Preset hoops
One-step appliqué
Easy color ion
On-board lettering
One-step tracing
Easy design ion

• User-friendly interface
• Easy to operate
• New ergonomic touch screen allows for easy
and comfortable operation with right-hand
• Preset hoop parameters designed to avoid
hitting hoops
• Multi-angle, rotatable and adjustable control
panel bracket allows for better visibility
• Pre-sew design trace capable
• Automatic color change

• Built-in button from 172° to 196° under manual
color change mode, a great help for machine
• Frame offset and frame outlining available for
easy appliqué embroidery
• One-step tracing key directly on the main screen
• External 100° button and trimming button
• Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish,
Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German,
Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and more

Hoops and cap attachment
Cap ring
Hoop station
Cap driver
90 mm round (9 cm, 3.5”)
120 mm round (12 cm, 4.7”)
150 mm round (15 cm, 5.9”)
200 mm round (20 cm, 9”)
290 mm square (29 cm, 12”)
Optional accessories

Sequin device

Boring device

Cording device

8-in-1 device

Robot frame

Belt hoop

Mighty hoop

Camera positioning device

Laser device


      • With two heads and a built-in cutting device, you can quickly fulfill bulk applique and patch orders in no time. 

     • 10 hoops per head (2 of each size, 5 sizes total) + sash frame 
     • The CHT2 Series is ideal for embroidery on caps, bags, denim, finished garments and plenty more. 
     • Each machine includes a sash frame and a variety of hoop sizes for embroidery on small, medium and large items.