Puffer Jacket Embroidery & Appliqué DIY Tutorial ( Part 2 )

Date:2023-03-08 Browse:771

Now that we have all three of our designs digitized, are you ready to apply them onto a custom garment for an INSANE profit margin? In the second half of this special 2-part episode of Embroidery Hub, we use our MT-1501, 15-needle commercial embroidery machine to embroider two eye-catching designs and an appliqué design onto a puffer jacket. We’ll take you through the entire process step-by-step, including the materials you’ll need and how to hoop and embroider each design. Plus, we’ll share some expert tips to ensure your designs pop and discuss how much profit you stand to make from a project like this.

Watch part 1 to learn how to digitize designs and appliqué for a custom puffer jacket:

• Digitizing 3 Desi...

• Digitizing 3 Desi... Learn more about an alternative method for applying applique to a garment:

• INSANE Profit Pot...

• INSANE Profit Pot...

• INSANE Profit Pot...

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