Ricoma collaborates with Wilcom to build a global strategic partnership

Date:2018-05-25 Browse:681

Ricoma has joined forces with WILCOM to provide a better embroidery experience for embroiderers.

On May 8th, the head of Wilcom Australia’s China region visited Ricoma’s R&D and manufacturing

base in Shenzhen, China, to provide extensive training to personnel.

After three days of hands-on training with Wilcom, the Ricoma staff is even further equipped to

assist customers worldwide with the tools they need to succeed.

As the world\\\'s top embroidery design digitizing software company, WILCOM Australia has earned its

name in decorated apparel industry as the highest level of digitizing software in the world.

Also a leading manufacturer in the decorated apparel equipment space, Ricoma is a global

distributor for WILCOM. Especially in recent years, Ricoma has been meticulously working

toward the goal of helping embroiderers beautiful apparel for their customers.

With high-quality embroidery machines and the best embroidery digitizing software

in the market, Ricoma has taken an extra step toward that goal.