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Both D.I.S.C Gold and Platinum are designed to allow both the novice and professional experienced digitizer to create even the most intricate designs with ease and speed. The program is completely customizable so that you can choose to digitize using Bezier, simple draw and freehand drawing tools. You can also choose if you wish the program to decide where each segment starts and ends and the direction of the stitching, or you can make those choices manually.


For beginners D.I.S.C can be used to totally automate the digitizing process, essentially eliminating the learning curve. For the advanced the built-in styles, customization of tools and hotkeys speed up the process and provide a very comfortable and familiar user interface.


D.I.S.C has no equal in the industry today. There are currently no other products able to offer the same benefits and the same power while not sacrificing ease of use and a short learning curve.

Prepare to discover a whole new world with D.I.S.C. You will find a product that incorporates the newest technology that is never seen before in embroidery applications. The user friendly interface, automatic functions for every application, and quality control built into every stitch type work together to make it the obvious choice for quickly and easily executing every embroidery task.
D.I.S.C has no comparison, and the huge number of tools available work together so you can enjoy the benefits in every stage of your project.


D.I.S.C creates quality embroidery every time, whether you let it do the work automatically or choose to take tighter control over the individual operations.


D.I.S.C will allow you to increase the quality in your designs with less effort, whether they are simple logos or sophisticated works of art or anything in between.


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