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Digital software

10 Reasons to upgrade to the NEW DISC Gold and Platinum

1. User friendly interfaceDigitizing has never been faster or easier!
2. Short learning curveStart digitizing on the first day!
3. Excellent stitch quality Both novices and experts will be amazed by the stitch quality!
4. Advanced lettering capabilitiesThe advanced envelope feature allows you to fit lettering into any shape!
5. Connect directly to your RiCOMA machineSend your finished designs directly to the machine and eliminate an entire step!
6. Import both raster and vector artwork files Virtually any type of artwork can instantly be transformed into embroidery!
7. Auto Digitizer Wizard Take the hassle out of digitizing and let the program do it for you!
8. Magic Wand Semi-auto-digitizing tool Keep control of the digitizing process while eliminating the runt work!
9. Templates Place designs on a circle, neckline or in a pattern automatically!

10. Advanced outline and stitch editing Make changes to your design at any step in the process always maintaining quality control!

Embroidery just got a whole lot easier, and you can test drive it today.
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