DISC Digitizing Software

Both D.I.S.C Gold and Platinum are designed to allow both the novice and professional experienced digitizer to create even the most intricate designs with ease and speed. The program is completely customizable so that

you can choose to digitize using Bezier, simple draw and freehand drawing tools. You can also choose if you wish the program to decide where each segment starts and ends and the direction of the stitching, or you can make those choices manually.

For beginners D.I.S.C can be used to totally automate the digitizing process, essentially eliminating the learning curve. For the advanced the built-in styles, customization of tools and hotkeys speed up the process and provide a very comfortable and familiar user interface.

D.I.S.C has no equal in the industry today. There are currently no other products able to offer the same benefits and the same power while not sacrificing ease of use and a short learning curve.

Prepare to discover a whole new world with D.I.S.C. You will find a product that incorporates the newest technology that is never seen before in embroidery applications. The user friendly interface, automatic functions for every application, and quality control built into every stitch type work together to make it the obvious choice for quickly and easily executing every embroidery task.

D.I.S.C has no comparison, and the huge number of tools available work together so you can enjoy the benefits in every stage of your project.

D.I.S.C creates quality embroidery every time, whether you let it do the work automatically or choose to take tighter control over the individual operations.

D.I.S.C will allow you to increase the quality in your designs with less effort, whether they are simple logos or sophisticated works of art or anything in between.




  RiCOMA D.I.S.C Features List

     Digitizing, Lettering and Editing Software Solutions     


  RiCOMA D.I.S.C Features List Gold Platinum
  3D workspace
  Auto-set stitch properties based upon fabric choice
  Apply 3D effect
  Slow redraw - simulate sew-out
  Docking toolbars
  Sequence Manager shows Backdrops icons
  3D visualization in 2D and Photorealistic mode showing thread twisting 
  Transparent rulers
  Apply 3D embroidery effect to any design
  Customizable tool color schemes
  Unlimited redo undo
  Auto-Digitize with branches 
  Convert between stitch types
  Add sections to existing embroidery objects 
  Advanced Satin, Applique, Fill with voids, Steil, artwork, symbols (Platinum)  
  Auto-branching in manual Digitizing (Platinum)  
  Color/Segment reorder
  Easily copy, re-size and re-orient in one step
  Alignment abilities between objects 
  Auto density adjustments when resizing stitch designs. 
  Convert stitch design to outline designs 
  Multi design convert and output
  Random jagged stitches (Platinum)  
  Magic Wand to auto fill sections of your design with 
  the stitch of your choice (Platinum)  
  Fill pattern editor 
  Variable density control (Platinum)  
  Closest point control 
  Short Stitch control (Platinum)   
  Circle Template
  Neckline Template
  Customize the working area
  Customize the digitizing tools
  Use hot keys for quicker response and design creation 
  Insert comments to objects 
  Select/hide by objects 
  Select/hide by color
  Select/hide by segment 
  Show embroidering sequence 
  Re-order objects on sequence manager 
  Use guidelines while digitizing 
  Load, save color palette and background color 
  Use magnifier to view your design better 
        Convert vector artwork into editable embroidery designs  (Platinum) 
      Convert .jpg or .bmp images to cross stitches or standard embroidery
  Add new text string to existing design
  Adjustable Grid
  Automatic density adjustment during size changes (STO)
  Break Apart Text
  Bezier curves
  Create new design
  Compensation for satin, step (Platinum)  
  Change text setting (typeface, text)
  Change color, background color
  Change Start and End of design
  Change density, stitch length
  Clipart tool to insert designs
  Choose/change from full range of underlay stitches
  Duplicate text string
  Design Slow Redraw<
  Envelope lettering in predefined shapes
  Floating, dock-able tool bars
  Full automatic corners (corner on/off)&
  Name drop&
  Includes 10 pre-digitized fonts
  Includes 56 pre-digitized fonts (Platinum)  
  Join Sections (to branches)
  Reorder sequence of text string
  Resize, Rotate, distort letters of text string
  Ruler, Measure
  Outline node editor
  Edit stitches (Platinum)  
  Online help
  Advanced hot keys
  Left, right, center and stretch justification
  Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning
  Lettering with intelligent closest point connection
  Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band  
  Embroidery Machine Brochure  

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