DISC Digitizing Software
RiCOMA D.I.S.C Features List Gold Platinum
3D workspace
Auto-set stitch properties based upon fabric choice
Apply 3D effect
Slow redraw - simulate sew-out
Docking toolbars
Sequence Manager shows Backdrops icons
3D visualization in 2D and Photorealistic mode showing thread twisting
Transparent rulers
Apply 3D embroidery effect to any design
Customizable tool color schemes
Unlimited redo undo
Auto-Digitize with branches
Convert between stitch types
Add sections to existing embroidery objects
Advanced Satin, Applique, Fill with voids, Steil, artwork, symbols (Platinum)
Auto-branching in manual Digitizing (Platinum)
Color/Segment reorder
Easily copy, re-size and re-orient in one step
Alignment abilities between objects
Auto density adjustments when resizing stitch designs.
Convert stitch design to outline designs
Multi design convert and output
Random jagged stitches (Platinum)
Magic Wand to auto fill sections of your design with
the stitch of your choice (Platinum)
Fill pattern editor
Variable density control (Platinum)
Closest point control
Short Stitch control (Platinum)
Circle Template
Neckline Template
Customize the working area
Customize the digitizing tools
Use hot keys for quicker response and design creation
Insert comments to objects
Select/hide by objects
Select/hide by color
Select/hide by segment
Show embroidering sequence
Re-order objects on sequence manager
Use guidelines while digitizing
Load, save color palette and background color
Use magnifier to view your design better
Convert vector artwork into editable embroidery designs (Platinum)
Convert .jpg or .bmp images to cross stitches or standard embroidery
Add new text string to existing design
Adjustable Grid
Automatic density adjustment during size changes (STO)
Break Apart Text
Bezier curves
Create new design
Compensation for satin, step (Platinum)
Change text setting (typeface, text)
Change color, background color
Change Start and End of design
Change density, stitch length
Clipart tool to designs
Choose/change from full range of underlay stitches
Duplicate text string
Design Slow Redraw<
Envelope lettering in predefined shapes
Floating, dock-able tool bars
Full automatic corners (corner on/off)&
Name drop&
Includes 10 pre-digitized fonts
Includes 56 pre-digitized fonts (Platinum)
Join Sections (to branches)
Reorder sequence of text string
Resize, Rotate, distort letters of text string
Ruler, Measure
Outline node editor
Edit stitches (Platinum)
Online help
Advanced hot keys
Left, right, center and stretch justification
Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning
Lettering with intelligent closest point connection
Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band
Embroidery Machine Brochure